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Dear ,

Morgan loves her 2-year old daughter Raisa. She wants Raisa to really know love and feel loved.

Yet, Morgan’s own childhood haunted her. For a very long time she was numb. She seemed unable to even receive a hug, to love and be loved.

Neglect numbs and destroys.  Morgan once knew only despair. She now has hope  >

She is determined that her daughter will not experience the tragic neglect and abuse that she barely survived.

At the age of 4, Morgan walked dazed around her block for hours to get away from the violent fighting of her parents. She escaped by spending all her time at the neighbors, anywhere to get away from the fallout. She even felt at age 8 that her parents’ divorce was best for all of them.

She lived with her Dad who ignored her and left her alone. She visited her Mom, who would hide all the knives from her violent step-Dad.

Forgotten, she started pushing boundaries.
Depressed, Morgan started binge drinking and using weed.

You can change lives. Help families find hope for the future! Give Now >

At age 13, Morgan’s Dad kicked her out. Alone and lost, she lived with friends. Then early in High School she lived with her grandparents. Their sudden deaths caused her to spiral into depression and drugs.

At 16 and homeless, Morgan ran away to Seattle. She fell headfirst into numerous tragic circumstances…  Still using drugs, she was badly abused, kidnapped, sold to pay for a drug debt, and then beaten to an inch of her life.

Morgan was jailed followed by long-term recovery treatment. She was finally at a good place, then relapsed. That was when she got pregnant. During her pregnancy and the collapse of that relationship, she tried many times to get clean. After almost losing her baby, she resolved to get healthy and keep her baby. She entered treatment for pregnant women where she got help and support from other mothers.

Morgan was determined to build a positive support team. She reached Parent Trust’s Families In Recovery Group with other recovering parents who welcomed her without judgment, extending their support and open arms.

Morgan is committed to being a good Mom and loving parent.
She learned how to keep baby Raisa safe, and is learning how children grow and develop. She’s receiving great advice from other parents. Now she celebrates the daily successes of parenting and vents her frustrations with this support team. She’s building strong lasting relationships.

Morgan isn’t numb anymore. She’s creating a loving and healthy home for her daughter. They are growing and thriving.

Morgan thanks Parent Trust...
“.. for helping me be kind to myself.
I love my daughter and our life today, and that is because of this group.”

But what about other parents like Morgan? Parents who are scared, stuck and need help TODAY?

They are counting on Parent Trust and YOU.

Your gift of $50 today, will provide 1 family like Morgan's > with a 1-hour intensive Family Help Line education and coaching session, with a follow-up.  $75 will provide 3 sessions.

And... $100 today >  will underwrite 1-group session for a Families In Recovery group for high-risk parents to master new, positive parenting tools and coping skills to break the cycle of abuse and neglect.

Will kids and parents be able to count on you in 2018? >

Thank you for strengthening families and keeping kids safe. We wish you all the best for the season and bright New Year.

With sincerest thanks,

Blythe Keller, President - Board of Directors        

Inga Paige, Executive Director
P.S. Your gift TODAY >>  of $25, $50, $75, $100 or more helps ensure that families across Washington have access to research based and outcome-informed resources that strengthen families and keep kids safe.

   Parent Trust is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, #91-1036940. All gifts are tax deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law.

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